How to Apply

Before you fill out any paperwork for the university or send any money, let’s be sure this is the right place for you. All you need do to begin the application process is send us your work and a brief letter (one page) describing what you want out of an MFA program, why McNeese sounds appealing, and your interest in teaching freshman-level English.

For every opening, we receive many applications each year. We keep the program small in order to have a close, personal relationship with students and to insure that our students have individual conferences with guest writers. If you are accepted into the program and you decide to join us, then (and only then) we will ask you to complete the formalities of applying to the graduate school. We accept applications between October 15 and February 21 for the following academic year.

Application material should be sent using Submittable. If you have any specific questions regarding your writing samples, contact Christopher Lowe for fiction ( or Amy Fleury for poetry (

If you have any questions about the application process or the program in general, contact the program director:  Amy Fleury,

For Fiction:

Submit no more than twenty pages (short stories or chapters)

For Poetry:

Submit no more than ten pages of poetry.